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The Urban Dictionary definition of a Dreamwalker:
A lucid dreamer. A person able to take control of or actively determine the path of their own dreams.

茄子视频直播appThe road to fulfilling dreams, punctuated as it often is with peril and pitfalls, is not always easy to navigate. There are rivers to ford and obstacles to surmount. It is no secret that anything that is worth having is earned through toil and deep thought. We at Miss South Africa believe that the ability to succeed in the face of adversity, while staying true to ideals and principles, gives birth to greatness.

#Dreamwalkers don’t give up because someone doesn’t believe in their power of purpose.
#Dreamwalkers stay strong in the pursuit of excellence
#Dreamwalkers are the miracle workers; promise keepers, the light in the darkness.
#Dreamwalkers walk us towards our dreams


茄子视频直播appIn his play about honour and responsibility, Henry IV, William Shakespeare writes: Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.

茄子视频直播appThere will be no buckling under pressure for Miss South Africa who, at her core, will have a strong sense of duty and be obliged to South Africans in general, and South African women in particular. The woman wearing the crown will be the powerful voice of all women, a role model lighting the way for girls, a shining example of what is possible.


The South African beauty industry is pushing boundaries, crashing through barriers, setting up new norms that embrace all things African. Regardless of skin colour or tone Beauty 2019 roots itself in culture: traditional and modern; orthodox and ordinary.

Tribal markings, the intentional scarification of the face, is the body art of old. This adornment is a rite of passage, a visible expression of belonging and beauty.

We at Miss South Africa welcome all things traditional and invite indviduality through body art, or respect for the collective through traditional markings.

Beauty for us is a fresh new canvas as mysterious and magnificent as the continent of Africa.


茄子视频直播appI am woman. Hear me roar (Helen Reddy, 1971)

In 1956, 20 000 women marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria protesting against the Apartheid introduction of pass laws for African women.

There were no women in Parliament that year, black or white.

This year, 45% of our parliamentarians are women, moving South Africa into 3rd茄子视频直播app position in the global ranking of women in Parliament.

We’ve taken the baton handed down by the marching women, and continue to fight against prejudice and inequality, and gender discrimination and violence against women (and men).

We continue to fight the good fight.

We, at Miss South Africa, have drawn a line in the sand, and turned the 61-year-old Miss South Africa pageant on its head, bringing it squarely into the 21st Century.

茄子视频直播appWe’ve redefined the traditional, narrow parameters of beauty and embraced diversity, celebrating beautiful South African women.

 Our prime objective is to empower and uplift women. We encourage women who have not had the opportunity to enter mainstream educational institutions to take part.

茄子视频直播appTo honour and celebrate women, and womanhood in all its beautiful configurations, the Miss South Africa event will be held in August every year, on Women’s Day.


During her reign, Miss SA needs to be the people’s queen, as she will be spending most of her time engaging with people from diverse cultures in South Africa, as well as representing our nation on an international platform. Miss South Africa’s qualities are that she is compassionate and inspirational. She is a confident woman, comfortable with speaking to CEOs and dignitaries, while fearlessly using her voice for the charitable cause of her choosing. Miss SA is hard-working, charismatic and organised and has the world at her feet.

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